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Doll Wig [Style: C56] Gross Emerald Green B098

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Product number: C56-GL-EG

Reference number: B098

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1. Do points have an expiration date?

The expiration date of A points is one year from the date of the last purchase.

2. I would like to purchase with a credit card.

AWe accept VISA, MASTER, AMEX, Diners Club, and JCB credit cards. You can also use PayPay online payment.

3.Is it possible to cancel after ordering?

APlease refer to the Terms of Use for details .

4. May I have a receipt?

AIf you need a receipt, please let us know after placing your order. We will send you the PDF file by e-mail.

5. I haven't received a confirmation email after ordering

AThe order confirmation e-mail is sent to the customer's registered address at the moment the product is ordered, but if the mobile phone address is registered, the e-mail from our company may not be delivered.

6. Can I customize the doll after purchasing it?

APlease feel free to do as much as you can. Please contact us for customization that you cannot do by yourself.

7. I received a damaged doll. Do you accept repair requests?

AWe accept repairs, customization, and sex change.

8.Where should I contact you?

Please contact the A LINE official account .

9. When I have my own product page created, I am worried that someone else will purchase the product before I can purchase it.

AYou can password protect the product page so that only you can purchase it.

10. I would like to personally sell handmade clothes, hats, shoes, etc. using dolls as models.

APlease feel free to use handmade clothes, hats, and shoes (for corporations, please contact us). However, it is limited to those who follow us on Instagram. Other than clothes, hats and shoes, it is not limited to this. In addition, the AYODOLL official account on instagram will be here , so please take care of it.

11.Does the doll change color?

AAll plastic products can be discolored by ultraviolet rays, and our dolls are no exception, but dolls produced after May 23, 2020 have undergone processing to prevent discoloration due to ultraviolet rays. This makes it extremely resistant to discoloration.